With over 30-years of experience making Bespoke garments, Simon has introduced a more affordable Made-to-Measure line. Maria Fiorillo, Simon’s assistant, has been associated with Barchi Bespoke for over 25 years as the exclusive pants maker and assistant designer to Simon. Maria hails from Rome where she worked with the best custom tailors in Naples to perfect her design and tailoring skills. She has worked as a pants maker for some of the top-custom tailors in Manhattan and designed clothing for Hollywood legends  including Frank Sinatra, George Hamilton, The Royal Family of Saudi Arabia and notable names like Kennedy and Rockefeller. 

What is a Barchi Made-to-Measure suit?

The Made-to-Measure wardrobe is the perfect fit for discerning clients who want the same high quality but with a less expensive price tag. Unlike a ready-to-wear garment that is manufactured for the average customer fit, Made-to-Measure is fitted precisely for the individual. There is a large selection of suiting & lining fabrics to choose from.

• Measurements are taken
• Fabric sent to our off-site tailors where adjustments are made to a standard pattern according to client's measurements and fabric is cut
• Upon delivery, more alterations are completed in the workshop by Barchi tailors
• High quality but less expensive than Bespoke

Pricing starts at $1,500.

Bespoke Tailor & Shirt Maker