“Bespoke” and “Made-to-Measure” are not the same although people use them interchangeably. The term “Bespoke” originated in London’s Savile Row, the street known for its traditional Bespoke tailoring for men.  As the story goes, a tailor who designed, cut and sewed the garment by hand on the premises was called “Bespoke”.  Barchi Bespoke suits are just that.

What is a Barchi Bespoke Suit?

• Consultation with Mr. Barchi to decide wardrobe needs and styling
• Garment exclusively designed by Mr. Barchi
• Luxurious English and Italian suiting & lining fabric
• Client measurements taken ONLY by Mr. Barchi
• Individual pattern drawn ONLY by Mr. Barchi from client’s measurements for the exclusive use of the client and kept on file
• Fabric hand-cut ONLY by Mr. Barchi
• Garment hand-basted for first fitting, then multiple fitting sessions follow.
• Garments entirely made on the premises by Barchi Master Tailors
• Jacket made with a full floating canvas
• Jacket canvas handmade by Mr. Barchi from English & Italian horse hair canvas to fit front of jacket.
• The canvas forms the jacket structure, and it is rare today for a custom tailor to hand make the canvas. Most buy it ready made.
• Hand work used almost entirely on garment
• Hand-sewn silk button holes on jacket & sleeves
• Use of “Made in Italy” buttons exclusively
• Suit trousers made on the premises by our exclusive pants maker

"The best suit you will ever wear! There is simply nothing like wearing a Barchi Bespoke suit."

"The clothes look elegant, fit perfectly, feel absolutely wonderful to wear and will last forever."

Pricing starts at $3,500.

Bespoke Tailor & Shirt Maker